Sustainable Retail

Here at Side Serve, we are conscious about our environmental impact and waste management. 

Whilst we are still a small business, we are making the small changes we can to improve our impact. Out commitment to this includes;

  • Reusing all our boxes and packaging by storing and reusing all the boxes, bubble wrap, foam, and plastic we receive. 
  • Avoiding the use of plastic by choosing biodegradable and compostable packaging options such as the use of tissue paper instead of fill, hex paper instead of bubble wrap, bio-tape and stamps where possible instead of stickers and tape.
  • Recycling all our cardboard. What we can't reuse, we take direct to a cardboard recycle centre weekly.

Whilst we aren't perfect, we like to make conscious decisions about every product and are striving towards constant improvement in this area. 

So whilst some of our packages and boxes on the outside may not be that pretty, we can assure you, your item has been thoughtfully wrapped and considered.

Also, don't forget that sometimes you don't need to buy it either! We offer so many of our items for hire! Check out our hireable range here