"The table is where conversations are had, savours are enjoyed and a little piece of time stands still as we hold a moment in each others company."

Dining on a good meal with great company should be an immersive experience for all senses, not just your palate. Side Serve Shop brings together a curated collection of table specific pieces all selected for their own individual uniqueness and curiosity, holding attention in their own way. Each piece is selected with the purposeful intent of encouraging and instigating conversation, interaction and connection with those in our good company.
The Artisan Range of wares connects us with the makers. Learn about each piece of artwork, designed and handmade by local and international makers and crafters. Meet the makers and understand their practice by reading about their profiles detailed alongside their wares.
Sides and Sips (coming soon) brings to you local gourmet edibles and spirits to accompany and highlight your gastronomy artistry. 
Let's dine and linger a little longer, together.